Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More Tests

Since Mushtaq has dug out the OK Cupid Alignment test for the D&D crowd it's probably time to throw down for my favorite, the Could You Be A Gunslinger quiz.

For the record...

The Law (alive)
You scored 74% vigilanteness, 37% outlawsity and 76% quickdraw skill!

You're tough, you're quick, you're skilled, but you have self control. I like you. If you had any gunslinging career, you'd be a lawman. Sheriff, marshall, deputy, whatever, you'd maintain the peace in the poor towns that need it. You have the sense of justice not to kill everyone you meet. One problem, though. You're either lacking the skills or the attitude to truly be an awesome gunslinger. You'd be decent, to be sure, but you wouldn't be the best.

That showdown really had you test your mettle. You had to kill the guy, and while it goes against what you believe in, sometimes the law has to be laid down in the streets, not in court. You'll walk away from it a better, man, though, because you'll know what you're capable of doing.

Your gunslinger character would probably be the grizzled old veteran, or the rookie who has to prove his worth.

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