Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There are flashlights, and there are flashlights...

Todd Erven and Steve Perry have been talking flashlights lately, wimpy little things that just give enough light to see by. Wicked Lasers has created the baddest, if not the biggest, of them all - The Torch. At 4100 lumens it can fry your eyes, melt plastic or start a fire. Literally. Sure, it goes through batteries in about fifteen minutes. If you can afford the $300 price tag you can afford a few "C" cells.


Steve Perry said...

Now, that's a flamethrower.

Todd Erven said...

While the "Torch" is definitely a bright light, there are some other options out there.

The "Torch" is based off a design by Mac's Customs, who is an active member on candlepowerforums. He created the light a couple years ago, I believe, and Wicked Lasers has decided to market them. Typical Maglite host, 100 watt bulb with a 14.4 volt battery pack. Upgraded switch, since it would melt.

Some of the advertising for this light is a bit off, as is usually the case. It definitely isn't a record breaker. Check out this list:

The "Torch" ranks number 6... 100watts has a hard time competing with 250.

Steve Perry said...

Oh, yeah?


Todd Erven said...

Well ya, if we wanna go into the HID category =p.

That light also cost $2,000 in parts alone. The reflector was $800!!!

Completely worth it though =)