Thursday, February 22, 2007

George Takei Slips the Ol' Pink (or Light Tan) Tentacle to Tim Hardaway

A few days back Tim Hardaway, NBA All-Star went on a rant about gay people. He hates them. He doesn't think the belong in America. America is for heterosexuals. He thinks gays are evil. He's proud to be a homophobe. The usual stuff. My immediate response would have been to say that I don't like porch monkeys, am a proud racist and think that America is for Covenant People, not muds. That would have been at about the same level but unworthy of a proud Amphibian-American. Back a few decades when Doonesbury was funny there was a pithy conversation between two characters that summed it up nicely:

"I hear you're gay."
"I hear you're Black."
"But that's normal!"
"Didn't use to be."

Hardaway seems to have lost his spot on the All-Stars this year and a number of endorsements for his remarks although he probably picked up the KKK and the AFA. The worst thing that happened to him has to be this video clip by George Takei. Warning: Do not watch if are drinking hot liquids or have easily dislocated ribs. May be hazardous to those suffering from chronic irony deficiency.

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