Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fish fly. Sun rises in the West. Seattle reaches Espresso-Saturation

For years I've been wondering if the Northwest would ever reach its limit for espresso joints. Now it has, at least in Seattle. How do we know? Simple. Coffee shops have all been pretty similar. There are a few different styles, but they follow a pretty similar pattern. And mostly they've gotten by without the cheesier gimmicks.

That's changed. A number of caffeine dealers including Cowgirls, Natte Latte, Bikini Espresso, Best Friend and Moka Girls are offering your favorite morning drug served by scantily clad girls. It was inevitable. Eventually sex will be used to sell everything. It's significant because it offers pretty clear evidence that new shops are surviving by getting consumers to switch for something other than coffee rather than serving unsatisfied demand.

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