Thursday, May 26, 2005

"Sure had a wonderful time last night, leastways they tell me I did"

Guru Plinck had his first annual Pencak Silat Serak workshop this weekend. It always sounds like paid advertising for a student to talk about his teacher's events, so I won't say much. It went well. We didn't forget anything important. Everyone went away looking like he had drunk out of a fire hose. People didn't just work out with their normal training partners. And who knows? We may yet seduce an Aikido player over to the Dark Side.

In other words, we had a great time but have been trashed the last couple days.

We had a very surreal moment Sunday night. Terry stayed at our house. After the workshop the cameraman came by to drop off some equipment I'd left at his house. The two of them got to talking, and it turned out they'd both been part of the same strange subcultures in Denver a few lifetimes ago, hung out at the same places, maybe dated the same women, done Silat and had heard of the other but hadn't met. There were a couple "You?! You were the ones who did that?" moments. Very strange but a lot of fun.

I truly believe that my friend is an honest man, but to hear some of his stranger experiences confirmed stretched my sense of reality. Tiel might give up writing fiction because she can't make up anything half as bizarre as what these guys have lived through.

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